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Comex Environmental

Visit: www.environmentalcomex.com

For over 25 years, Comex Environmental has been instrumental in providing service to medium-to-large size construction companies. According to Comex Environmental, their customers are their top priority, and their highlighted services are general contractor, site surveying, railroad construction design, civil construction, and storm, sanitary, and water utility services. They also offer a full range of landscaping material and products to include mulch, soil, stone, and sand.

On Comex Environmental's website, we spoke and met with president and owner Azael Vega, to get a sense and feel for the company. After consulting him, the Hyperlinks Media team was able to design and create the perfect layout for what Mr. Vega had in mind for his website. Highlighting the company's specialties, Hyperlinks Media incorporated the latest in CSS and PHP to create the Comex Environmental website. If you are looking for a custom web design for your landscape materials company, contact Hyperlinks Media today and let us get started in helping you.

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