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Invicta Tactics

Hyperlinks Media was trusted with creating a custom website design for gun training business, Invicta Tactic. The business wanted a website that well-reflected their brand image with an interesting slider, easy-to-navigate website and the ability for customers to leave reviews on services rendered.

The Hyperlinks Media design and development teams worked together to create a unique solution for the needs of this specific client. The client wanted to display the reviews on the website, also allowing for the ability for past customers to leave reviews. Hyperlinks Media developed the website with an administrative area that allows the client to edit, delete and respond to customer revies.

In addition, a third-party scheduling system was requested by the client in order to provide their customers with a excellent user experience. It allows for clients to schedule specific classes for gun training, enter their information and receive confirmation. The third-party system also allows for customers to redeem coupons and gift certificates.

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