How Typos Can Seriously Hurt Your Business

Typos can cost your business serious dollars.

Typos can cost your business serious dollars.

It’s incredibly easy to make a typo. Even the most seasoned of writers and editors can’t stop a stray error from occasionally slipping through the cracks. Whether it’s a blog post, a billboard, or a newspaper, typos are a problem in any written media. Research even indicates that these mistakes can have a real impact on your business by driving a significant number of your potential customers away and costing you real dollars.

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Moving Your Website 4ward: The Importance of Updating

Hyperlinks Media - Move Forward

Websites need to be updated every 4 years to keep up with technology

When a visitor clicks on your website, you have one chance to make an impression on your potential customer. Your website is a reflection of your business, and an outdated website conveys that your services and products are also outdated. That’s why it’s so important for your website to present your best face to your customers. If your website leaves a visitor feeling like they’re back in 2005, you’ve got a good chance of ruining the potential for a sale. An obsolete website conveys to your visitors that your business’s practices are also outdated and ineffective, driving them to competitors who are caught up with the times.

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Ad-Free YouTube Option Coming Soon

YouTube Ads

YouTube will soon offer a paid subscription to disable ads

According to an email released to YouTube Partners on April 9, YouTube will be moving forward with plans to offer an ad-free subscription based service.This new option can allow YouTube Creators to earn further revenue from their channels beyond the income from ads alone. Creators will earn 55% of the total revenues from subscription fees according to the time subscribed users spend on their channel, according to a detailed explanation of the benefits released by YouTube. Discussions of this option have been ongoing since last Fall, but the changes could become available as soon as June 15th of this year. This option is expected to appeal to mobile users in particular as they seek to avoid ads.

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Ambir Named to Google Leaderboard for March

Google Leaderboard

Google Partners Community Leaderboard

We’re proud to announce that our very own Ambir Horton was featured by the Google Partners Community on the March 2015 Leaderboard! This shoutout features the top 5 members who contributed the most engaging posts of the month. Google highlights those who share unique info, great content, and active engagement with the community.

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Destination Austin: SXSW

SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive

Networking and expanding your horizons is always an important part of any company. Hyperlinks Media is no exception, and we enjoy reaching out to learn and grow. As part of that mission, this weekend I traveled to SXSW (South by Southwest), a massive conference in Austin, Texas, notebook in hand and eager to soak up any marketing intel that I could get my hands on.

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Google Announces Mobile Websites will Rank Higher

As mobile web browsing takes the internet by storm, websites have been feeling the pressure to get on board. Google has just announced that businesses who want to stay relevant in this market must go mobile or be left behind. On April 21, the all-powerful algorithm that determines Google’s search result rankings will be updated to favor websites that are mobile-friendly.


Internet browsing in many forms

Internet usage has grown over multiple devices

Although these changes will only affect the ranking results on mobile browsers, the impact of this update should not be underestimated. Web traffic is steadily leaning more and more toward cell phones and tablets, rather than computers, with numbers putting mobile visitors at over 50% of a website’s viewers.

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Pagespeed Module = Supersonic Website


Use Google PageSpeed Module to speed up even super slow websites!



Average website loading times vary between 6 and 13 seconds!

In the uphill climb to navigate Google’s search rankings, Google sometimes kicks an avalanche downhill with an update, forcing businesses to divert their progress or get buried on page 52 of results. In 2010, Google launched one of their infamous announcements: that they would be using the loading time of a webpage as a factor in its ranking algorithm. Since the initial scramble to update, it’s become common practice in the industry to monitor page speed, as it’s become clear that this directly impacts a website’s rankings. However, despite increasing pressure to drive that number down, the average time for a webpage to load is currently fluctuating between 6 and 13 seconds.
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Do CSS sprites affect SEO in pagespeed module environment? Wait ‘til you see what we uncovered!


There has been a lot of discussion on The Mighty Internet concerning the usage of sprites: Are they beneficial? Do CSS sprites affect SEO positively or negatively? Should I use sprites at all? Well, at Hyperlinks Media, a top website design and SEO company in Houston, TX, we have been doing an extensive amount of research and experimenting with the pros and cons of using sprites in regards to SEO.

Basically, the SEO crowd is divided into two camps: some say that the benefit of using sprites is too good to pass up, since the number of server requests go down, therefore decreasing page load time, which has positive effect on Search Engine Ranking Position; others say that sprites are bad, since they are painful to work with in the even one needs to modify the content of sprite file. They also take away the possibility of using <alt> tags and image names, both of which certainly boost in page rankings. Continue reading

Google Announces Secure Websites will Rank Higher

Recently, internet security has become a huge issue in the media and corporate worlds. From the Edward Snowden and Julian Assange cases to the celebrity leaks and concerns about privacy in the online world, it seems that internet security is being talked about now more than ever. To ensure that the safety of their users and visitors is completely assured, many websites are using secure encryption known as HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP. Not only will a web page with  HTTPS encryption help increase the security of those visiting the site, but Google has confirmed that it will be giving HTTPS sites higher search rankings and better overall SEO scores in an attempt to bolster security online. Continue reading

Turn Bad Online Reviews into Good Publicity

Receiving a negative online review isn’t the end of the world. Every business endures negative reviews, and even though your first instinct may be to remove them altogether, getting rid of negative reviews isn’t actually possible. If it were, everyone would remove them which would result in the entire review system failing for consumers–the only exceptions are reviews that contain profanities, hate speech, sexual harassment, or personal attacks and threats. While it isn’t possible to please everyone all of the time, it is possible to turn bad online reviews into good publicity. In fact, there are many benefits to gain from negative reviews, as well as many ways to use them in your favor. Some positive things about bad reviews are: Continue reading