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Google AdWords Management


If you want to compete on the internet, you must advertise on the internet. Google Adwords are a great way to get "immediate" results from internet searches. Remember, customers are searching for your products & services right now! Are you in front of them or is your competition?

We are a Google™ AdWords Certified Partner

This is very important when selecting a Google™ AdWords professional to manage your campaign. This certification requires extensive knowledge of the Google™ AdWords system and the ability to pass 2 extensive tests according to their curriculum. This is VERY important considering you are spending advertising dollars and expect to have your campaign professionally set up and professionally optimized on a regular basis so you get the most amount of clicks for the your money.

What are Google™ AdWords and how do they work?

They are ads that are displayed above and on the right side of the search results on Google™ Search pages and on the Google™ content network. The AdWords system is very similar to an auction. Ads are ranked in order from highest (on the first page) to lowest by the amount you are willing to pay for the click, the quality score of the ad, your daily budget and many other factors. No matter what your budget, we can display your ads on Google™search and their content network. We can target areas for you by zip code, city, state, or country and you only pay when your ad is clicked. We set for you a maximum daily budget that the Google™ AdWords system won’t exceed.

Your campaign is managed and optimized by a Google™ Qualified AdWords Specialist

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Google™ AdWords is a great marketing tool. But it only generates great results when used in the proper way. As an online auction of a sort, Google™ AdWords must be continuously reviewed and optimized to get the the most out of your daily budget. Instead of spending hundreds of hours learning the entire system of AdWords and Analytics and then countless hours per month reviewing and optimizing your account, let us do it for you. Our Google™ Qualified AdWords Specialist will setup, manage and optimize your website on an on going basis.

Your website is the first thing a potential customer sees after they click on your ad. Because of this, your website must convey exactly what they are looking for. Our Google™ Qualified AdWords Specialist will review your entire website and make any suggestion for improvements or changes necessary to create a successful AdWords campaign. You will receive weekly reports and you will have a direct login to your Google™ AdWords account.

VERY IMPORTANT - The Billing Difference!

CAUTION: Many companies will want to bill you a TOTAL amount per month and use a percentage of the amount (industry standard15%) to pay for the management of your campaign. The remaining 85% is suppose to pay for your adwords. So if they bill you $2000 per month, 15% is take ($300.00) for management and $1700.00 goes towards AdWords right? However, how do you really know they are using the entire $1700.00? In most cases they are not. Many times companies will end up using less for your campaign; maybe only $1200.00 towards your AdWords and pocket the other $800. Many will not supply reports and will not give you a login to your Google™ AdWords account. This is because they don't want you to see the actual "spend" amount they are using for your campaign. If any company wants to bill you for the TOTAL amount, we suggest serious caution. Ask them if you will have a login to your Google™ account? Ask them if they can be billed by Google™ for your AdWords, NOT their company.

WE ARE DIFFERENT. We simply subtract the 15% management fee and we bill you that separately. The remaining 85% is billed by Google™. You will receive a weekly Google™ AdWords report and you will have a login to your account. This way you know exactly how your money is being spent. We make NO money on the Google™ AdWords themselves, only on the management fee. Our goal is to get you to the most clicks for the least amount of money!


We have many business owners that have moved their accounts to us because they know exactly how much they are spending with Google™ AdWords and because they know they have a Google™ Qualified AdWords Specialist managing their account.