Nov 18th, 2019

“Now that we’ve had some cold weather, I really appreciate Texas’s lack of seasons.”

– Wes Hightower

Nov 15th, 2019

“I am thankful for MISSION:MORE and all the good we are doing for nonprofits.”

– Ambir Jarvis

Nov 14th, 2019

“I am grateful for our new MISSION:MORE program that we recently launched.”

– Charles Mazzini

Nov 13th, 2019

“I am grateful for the colder weather.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Nov 12th, 2019

“I am grateful for Coca Cola.”

– Gabriel Estevez

Nov 11th, 2019

“I am grateful for audio books that I can listen to in my car on my drive to and from work.”

– Tina Gomez

Nov 08th, 2019

“I am so grateful for coffee! The sweet, salty, bitter and sour taste of coffee provides me with one of life’s simple pleasures.”

– David Perez

Nov 07th, 2019

“I am grateful for the music that I listen to which reminds me of humanity’s beauty.”

– Radames Ortiz

Nov 06th, 2019

“It was great to run house to house with my daughter on her first Halloween. She really seemed to love trick-or-treating.”

– Wes Hightower

Nov 05th, 2019

“I am grateful to have friends and family that support me.”

– Kinsley Fisher