Awareness each day of how fortunate we are brings happiness and positive energy to all of us at Hyperlinks Media. On behalf of the entire staff at Hyperlinks Media, we want to share with you our daily gratitudes and we hope that they will inspire happiness and positive energy into your life as well.

Oct 16th, 2019

“I am grateful that the temperature has become cooler earlier this October.”

– David Perez

Oct 15th, 2019

“I am grateful for Ambir, who has been with Hyperlinks Media for 10 years and strives to improve the company in all we do.”

– Charles Mazzini

Oct 14th, 2019

I am grateful to becoming a new father again and having a new addition to my family.”

– Radames Ortiz

Oct 11th, 2019

“I am grateful that the Astros won last night and are the ALDS champs!”

– Kinsley Fisher

Oct 10th, 2019

“I am grateful that I get to watch the Astros play amazing baseball.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Oct 09th, 2019

“It’s a good feeling being able to help local businesses thrive through a set of skills I have worked hard to attain.”

– Wes Hightower

Oct 08th, 2019

“I am grateful for the simpler things in life. Appreciate the things money can’t buy.”

– David Perez

Sep 27th, 2019

“I’m grateful for music. It always seems to brighten my mood.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Sep 26th, 2019

“I am grateful that Radames introduced HM to Google Ad Grants so that we can continue to help others with an even higher purpose.”

– Charles Mazzini

Sep 16th, 2019

“I am grateful that my sister comes home soon.”

– Kinsley Fisher

Sep 13th, 2019

“I am grateful for the positive impact I’ve had on members from my church who have been going through rough patches in their lives.”

– David Perez

Sep 12th, 2019

“I am grateful for the sound of music.”

– Tina Gomez

Sep 11th, 2019

“I’m grateful for my grandkids and the radiance they bring in my life.

– Radames Ortiz

Sep 10th, 2019

“I am grateful that we have AC in Texas!”

– Tiffany Gulley

Sep 09th, 2019

“I am thankful for my new puppy Chip. He is so sweet and a great addition to my family. ”

– Ambir Jarvis 

Sep 06th, 2019

“I am grateful for the new patio furniture on our balcony.

– Charles Mazzini

Sep 05th, 2019

“I am grateful for our new restaurant downstairs.”

– Tina Gomez

Sep 04th, 2019

“I am grateful that I saw a turtle yesterday.”

– Elayna Huber

Sep 03rd, 2019

“I am thankful for Chick-fil-A.”

– Kinsley Fisher

Sep 02nd, 2019

“I am grateful for Labor Day.”

– Gabriel Estevez

Aug 30th, 2019

“I am so very glad to have a jacket in the office.”

– Wes Hightower

Aug 29th, 2019

“I am grateful to come to work and be of service to our clients by helping them succeed and achieve their business goals.”

– Radames Ortiz

Aug 28th, 2019

“I am grateful that I can laugh with my co-workers.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Aug 27th, 2019

“I am thankful to be in good health.”

– Ambir Jarvis

Aug 26th, 2019

“I am grateful that we were able to get a Google Ad Grants for the Arc of Katy.”

– Charles Mazzini

Aug 23rd, 2019

“I am grateful that I have overcome an addiction to bad foods and have made great strides towards all my health goals.”

– David Perez

Aug 22nd, 2019

“I am grateful for modern medicine.”

– Elayna Huber

Aug 21st, 2019

“I’m grateful that the temperature is finally below 100 degrees.”

– Gabriel Estevez

Aug 20th, 2019

“I am grateful for the Houston Astros and their stellar season. #TakeItBack”

– Kinsley Fisher

Aug 19th, 2019

“I can’t say enough about having opposable thumbs.”

– Wes Hightower