Awareness each day of how fortunate we are brings happiness and positive energy to all of us at Hyperlinks Media. On behalf of the entire staff at Hyperlinks Media, we want to share with you our daily gratitudes and we hope that they will inspire happiness and positive energy into your life as well.

Aug 16th, 2019

“I am grateful to wake up each day with a healthy body, a happy heart and an opportunity to continue the journey that God has laid out for me.”

– Radames Ortiz

Aug 15th, 2019

“I’m grateful that I have an awesome pet that greets me every day I come home.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Aug 14th, 2019

“I am thankful for my wonderful boss and coworkers”

– Ambir Jarvis

Aug 13th, 2019

“I am grateful for being inducted into the Forbes Councils”

– Charles Mazzini

Aug 06th, 2019

“I’m grateful for honeybees; they are the backbone of this ecosystem”

-Elayna Huber

Aug 01st, 2019

“I am so grateful that I don’t have to fear the storm because I am THE STORM.”

– David Perez

Aug 01st, 2019

“I am grateful for my dog and his constant love (and cuddles).”

– Kinsley Fisher

Jul 31st, 2019

“I’m grateful for the rain we’ve been having.”

-Elayna Huber

Jul 29th, 2019

I am grateful for another day…  for another opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. His mercies are new every morning!

Jul 28th, 2019

I am grateful for the clients we have and their commitment to our company.

Jul 27th, 2019

I am grateful for David Perez joining our team. He is an awesome creative designer!

Jul 26th, 2019

I can really appreciate having a belt, since I broke mine last week”

-Wes Hightower 

Jul 25th, 2019

I’m grateful for teachers, they are the silent heroes”

-Elayna Huber

Jul 24th, 2019

I love never having to wonder about a fact or concept, with the internet always available”

-Wes Hightower

Jul 23rd, 2019

I am grateful today and truly recognize that I have the peace that passes all understanding.”

-David Perez 

Jul 22nd, 2019

I am grateful for unlimited coffee refills at the office 🙂 !!

-David Perez

Jul 22nd, 2019

I am thankful for my 5 wonderful and beautiful children”

-Ambir Jarvis

Jul 19th, 2019

“I am grateful that our boss shares his knowledge to make us a better team.”

– Tina Gomez

Jul 18th, 2019

“I am grateful that I am working with such a great group of people that were hand selected by a person who truly values the image of his business. This job is not a task, but something I look forward to every day.”

– David Perez

Jul 17th, 2019

“I am grateful that our beautiful new office has a fantastic view!”

– Tina Gomez

Jul 16th, 2019

“I am thankful for my supportive husband.”

– Ambir Jarvis

Jul 15th, 2019

“I am lucky to have a family and friends who support me in everything I do, and for my fur-babies who are always excited to see me.”

– Brandi Henley

Jul 14th, 2019

“I’m grateful for the clients we have.”

– Elayna Huber

Jul 13th, 2019

“I have gratitude for the willingness of my colleagues to always lend a helping hand.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Jul 12th, 2019

“I am grateful to be working with such an amazing team, in which we all have our own special set of skills to make up a strong multi-talented team.”

– Tina Gomez

Jul 11th, 2019

“I am grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who believe in me.”

– Ambir Jarvis

Jul 10th, 2019


“I’m grateful to be of service to our nonprofit clients & the communities they serve, to my team members and to help promote our core values.”

– Radames Ortiz

Jul 09th, 2019

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend the Jack Canfield – One Day to Greatness event. It was inspiring and motivating. It really opened my eyes to my potential.”

– Tiffany Gulley

Jul 08th, 2019

“I am grateful to live in a city that has such an abundant arts & culture community.”

– Brandi Henley

Jul 07th, 2019

“I’m grateful to work with talented and highly skilled team members. It makes every day a new learning experience.”

– Radames Ortiz