A logo should be creative and simple. Many business owners make the mistake of trying to add way too much to their logo by adding their name, business catch-phrase, multiple images and countless colors. This not only looks to busy, but many people will not remember it because the image is too confusing. The rule of thumb is keeping it simple, clean and a maximum of 3 colors. Simplicity can be best when it comes to logos.

Since all of our logos are custom designed, this form helps us understand the design concept you are looking to achieve. The selections below are simply for a guideline, NOT absolute design determinations. However, please be as thorough as possible.

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If you have a specific clip art, image, or design element you would like us to try to view as a concept of the logo please email it to us at: [email protected]

Note: Due to copyright laws, we cannot directly use any clip art, images, drawing, etc. in your logo unless you have written consent that it is ok to do so.


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Other Logos

Note: These do not have to be the same type of business as yours, and we will never copy anyone else's design. This is only for us to get an idea of a design concept that you like.


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