Local Business Listings Bring You Leads

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In business, nothing is quite as important as connecting with your clients, but in the digital age, it can be a tough skill to master. More than ever, consumers are allowing the internet to greatly affect their purchasing decisions as they search businesses and products online prior to making any purchase, large or small.

A 2016 report from Forbes Insights and Synchrony Financial surveying 250 retail executives found that 82 percent of consumers conduct research online. Internet usage is changing how you interact with your customers, but you can stay one step ahead by applying the benefits of local business listings.


A local business listing, or local listing for short, is an online profile of sorts that encompasses your business information including address, name and other details. Some examples of local listings directories you may already be familiar with include Google, Bing, Yahoo, City Search, Foursquare, Manta, and Yelp. There are a plethora of directories, but each of them serve to increase your leads and help you crush conversions. Here are some of the greatest benefits of local listings:


Local Business Listings Increase Visibility


Utilizing the power of local listings is one of the simplest search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and it offers the quite a bang for your buck. It gives you a headstart in a field that is constantly evolving with each newly changed algorithm. It’s a constant, and trust us, you need that kind of reliability now and into the digital future.


When you choose to utilize this SEO tactic in listing, managing and monitoring your local listings, you increase the number of people who are likely to see your business. This translates into more potential clients for you, which puts money in your pocket. In the United States alone, 84 percent of the population are internet users. It’s a no-brainer that you need to put yourself on that digital map–literally.


This is especially true in local search, which is especially important for local brick-and-mortar businesses. A local search is when a consumer searches for a specific type of business, product or service within a designated geographic area. It is estimated that anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of searches are made with local intent. In addition, many consumers search online for something local, even though they intend to do business offline. Many businesses draw in hyperlocal audiences, and it’s especially essential for them to have accurate and updated local business listings.


Online Authority for Your Business


Local listings help boost business authority online first due to the high worth placed on the links by search engines, which helps your site rank higher. In addition, reviews are a powerful thing. They can make or break your reputation in the local community. A business with astounding reviews is more likely to grab the attention of a potential customer than one with a lackluster online reputation.


In the good ole days, Suzie would ask Sally for a hairdresser recommendation after seeing her beautiful new dye job. These days, Suzie asks Siri. The worldwide web has changed consumerism in major ways, and it’s time for your business to adapt. To put this in perspective, let’s review a few of the Annual BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey of 2016 findings:


  • 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 90 percent of consumers read fewer than 10 reviews prior to forming an opinion on a business
  • 74 percent of consumers say positive reviews make a local business trustworthy


We’ll give you a minute to catch your breath–we know these are some pretty astounding statistics. It can be overwhelming to realize the business you may be missing out on if you’re not already utilizing the power of local listings, but luckily, here at Hyperlinks Media, we can do this for you. Let us take this off your plate and get your business on the map.


Inexpensive Advertising with High Return


In a perfect world, you have a marketing budget that never dries out. But oftentimes, businesses are forced to pick and choose which services they utilize, and it can be difficult to determine where to spend your marketing dollars. Luckily, local business listings offer a budget-friendly avenue for those looking to put themselves on the map at an affordable price–they offer direct advertising exposure.


There’s much more to local listings than simply inputting your business information into a directory. In order to be a force, these listings must be diligently maintained. We strongly recommend that you hire an outside agency to handle these for you, so your focus stays on cultivating relationships with your clients.


Targeted Marketing in Your Area

Local listings directories are incredibly powerful tools for putting your business or brand in front of a large number of visitors, and when they are maintained properly, they have a great impact on your leads and conversions. These listings give your reach a valuable boost, especially to the consumers operating and searching on mobile devices.


With a marketing tool as potent as local listings, online recognition comes quickly and you need an outside agency to nurture your growing digital presence. You will be targeting large numbers of local visitors who are searching their devices for exactly what you can offer them. You want to ensure that this large audience is directed to your business, not to a competitor.


At Hyperlinks Media, we provide management services of local listings, which includes building, updating and/or correcting more than 60 local listings with both local and national directories. In addition, we monitor reviews and comments, update content, and add any promotions our clients may have at any given time. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you build and maintain your local listings–we’d love to work with you!