What is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is one of the longest enduring internet marketing campaign methods, and there’s a reason that it’s stuck around for so long. Using emails to reach clients provides a unique way to directly reach past, current, and prospective clients with various ways to connect with a business. Combine this with a very low cost and great conversion rate and email marketing campaigns offer a great marketing opportunity. Continue reading “What is Email Marketing?”

What is SEO?

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The marketing and technology fields are always buzzing about SEO. It’s no secret that SEO is a huge part of internet marketing and is considered essential to reaching customers through the internet. Continue reading “What is SEO?”

What is Internet Marketing?

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As a huge part of our daily lives in countless ways, the internet provides a unique and fantastic opportunity to grow your business and reach potential customers. Harnessing the full potential of internet marketing can completely change the future of your business and open a host of new opportunities. Continue reading “What is Internet Marketing?”

Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?

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Social Media Marketing is Essential

Many businesses and business owners tend to see social media marketing as a waste of time, even in today’s internet marketing climate and faced with the immense amount of buzz being garnered by this specific type of advertising. The truth of the matter is that social media is an essential part of digital marketing, and using social media sites for your business can help you reach a new audience for free. Signing up for social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others is free and very simple. The reason these sites are becoming so popular in the advertising industry is because of their inexpensive cost and versatility, combined with the fact that anyone can learn how to navigate and run their own page on these sites in a matter of minutes. Continue reading “Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?”

65 Free Local Listings to Boost Your SEO

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Stay Updated with Content from the SEO Industry

Local listings are a great way to make it easier for customers to find your business and boost your SEO at the same time. Search engines use these listings as a source of reliable information about your business, and providing consistent information on them will help your company to appear among local results for your industry. Plus, you get a free backlink to your website. There are other free directories out there, but we’ve collected a list of 65 free local listings that are sure to give your business a boost. Continue reading “65 Free Local Listings to Boost Your SEO”

20 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Company

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With the SEO industry growing every day, more and more businesses are ready to start reaping the benefits of quality SEO for their website. If you’re among the many businesses looking for an SEO company to trust with your marketing efforts, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available.

You’ll be investing a significant amount of time and money into your website’s SEO efforts. If performed correctly, an SEO campaign can provide amazing benefits for your business. If neglected or mishandled, however, you may find your website rankings lower than when you started. Be sure to thoroughly investigate any SEO company before agreeing to trust your business to their services. Here are some tips that will help you determine if an SEO company you’re considering is the real deal or just smoke and mirrors.
Continue reading “20 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Company”