Email Marketing Tips for Success

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to deliver information about new products, new advancements, and build customer relations for any small business. What’s shocking is that many small business owners miss out on email marketing and instead pour their time and money into various other campaigns such as print brochures and paper calendars–who uses paper calendars anymore?! While it is a good tactic to always market through more than one medium, it is not wise to ignore email marketing strategies—this approach is one of the best ways to draw in attention about your company and one of the best parts about email marketing: it’s extremely inexpensive! Continue reading “Email Marketing Tips for Success”

Why Update Your Website Content Regularly?

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Making sure you update your website regularly with fresh up-to-date content is important for better rankings and to keep your current rankings.  Why?  Because if you’re not and your competition is, their website will eventually out rank yours.

If you add content about your industry on a regular basis such as: new services, tips on what to look for and stay away from, diy info, real projects your business has completed, etc…  then people searching those topics will pull up your information which creates traffic to your website.  As your website creates more traffic, the search engines recognize that your website is becoming more “authoritative” with valuable content.  As this happens, the search engines tend to rank your website better and better over time. Continue reading “Why Update Your Website Content Regularly?”