Hashtags for Days of the Week on Instagram

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Instagram, just like Pinterest, has been a social platform that businesses leave to the everyday consumer, not quite understanding how to level a brand message without sounding sales-y or robotic. It could be that marketing or PR teams have no idea how to harness the power of hashtags or the use of them in marketing campaigns. It could also be that they #use #broken #hashtags versus knowing how to utilize the trending ones correctly to gain more followers and brand exposure. Below you’ll find my suggestions to market any company on Instagram throughout the week.

Wednesday Hashtags

We must give up for the sake of non-essential importance. #CharlizeTheron A photo posted by Charlize Theron (@charlizetheron__) on


  • #womancrushwednesday or #wcw
  • #waybackwednesday
  • #wellnesswednesday
  • #wisdomwednesday
  • #waybackwednesday
  • #woofwednesday
  • #healthyhumpday

Throwback Thursday

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  • #throwbackthursday, also #tbt
  • #thankfulthursday
  • #thursdate

Friday Hashtags


  • #flashbackfriday, also known as #fbf
  • #followfriday or #ff
  • #fridayfunday
  • #fridaynight
  • #fridayreads
  • #fundayfriday

Saturday Hashtags


  • #caturday
  • #saturdayswag
  • #saturdaynight

Sunday Hashtags

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  • #selfiesunday or #ss
  • #sinday

Moving forward to market your brand on Instagram

If you’re involved in social strategy, SEO, or any other type of content marketing then you’re more than likely well-versed in the etiquette of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The problem is that many are professional, social ninjas on their personal profiles, but don’t quite know how to translate that to the company account. The key is to leverage these viral hashtags and other social trends to display your brand as humanized, sincere, engaging, relevant and most importantly, not trying to push something to sell in the users’ face; the company that’s engaging and makes itself more inviting and approachable on social media is the company that is going to succeed.