7-days of Hashtags: Marketing your Brand on Instagram using Trends

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Hashtags for Business

When presented with the waves of selfies, crafting, and photos across Instagram, it may seem like a social media platform best left to the everyday user. Companies may not know how to use these markets to their advantage, but for businesses that know how to use hashtags effectively, these can be very beneficial opportunities to reach out to customers.

There are currently more than 100 million users on Instagram, and hashtags are a fantastic way to reach them. Some of the most popular tags, with millions of posts every day, are assigned to days of the week. With tags like “ManCrushMonday” on the list, you may be bewildered on how to use these for your business, but we’re here to explain exactly how to use these booming hashtags to your advantage.

Some businesses may have an easier time using the very visual style of Instagram than others. For instance, those who focus on a physical product, and ones that can be used for visual improvement or appeal will likely be able to use the platforms easily. Examples of businesses that can flourish on Instagram include jewelry, apparel, home improvement items like windows and doors, hair salons, landscaping, and other industries that offer very visible results. But even for other companies, a little creativity can yield some great results, and daily hashtags are an excellent way to tap into this potential. You may not be able to hit every hashtag every week, but using them when you can yield a serious benefit for reaching a bigger audience.

When connecting with to an audience with social media marketing, the goal is to build relationships. Those who are following you will have a much easier time connecting with your business if they feel that they are connecting with a real person. So, don’t be afraid to show a personal side of your brand. Drop the formal language and the overly professional veil, and show that your company is made up of real people who are just like your audience.

Monday Hashtags

Starting off the week is a great opportunity to show the personal side of your business and your team.

  • #mancrushmonday, also known as #mcm – Spotlight one of your male employees, associates, or a leader in your industry.
  • #mondayfunday – Show your business’s fun side with light hearted posts, such as photos of your employees doing something fun at the office.
  • #meowmonday – Don’t worry about connecting this to your brand. Just share a photo of one of your worker’s feline friends, or one that you find online. Everyone likes a good cat photo!
  • #mondayblues – Give your audience something to relate to with the grind of Monday mornings. Don’t be too serious with this though, and remember to show that your employees do like their jobs.
  • #musicmonday – Feature a local performance in your area, what your team is jamming to or a recommended pick from a worker.
  • #manicmonday – Monday’s are busy for everyone. Show how your business is on top of the stress!

Tuesday Hashtags

  • #transformationtuesday or #tt – Since this tag focuses on change, it’s a great way to show how your product or services can lead to improvements. For example, a web design company could show a website that they’ve created a new design for, with a Before and After comparison image. Any type of makeover, renovation, or change is a great match. Be sure to take photos of your projects as you undertake them, so that you’ll have them to create these posts later!
  • #traveltuesday – Although you might not be able to do this every week, when you’re able to, you can share some great pictures that help your audience connect with your staff or see some great locations. If any of your employees are visiting a conference, or if you just want to highlight an event happening in your industry elsewhere, this is a useful tag.
  • #tuesdaytreat – You can show your employees enjoying a tasty treat, or you can even use this tag to promote a special discount or promotion that you’re offering.



Wednesday Hashtags


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  • #womancrushwednesday or #wcw – Highlight a leading lady on your team or in your industry, much like #mcm.
  • #waybackwednesday – Like #tbt and #fbf, use this tag to showcase an improvement or a feeling of nostalgia. You could show your business’s humble beginnings or retro photos from your industry.
  • #wellnesswednesday – Offer your audience advice for a healthy lifestyle, or show how your business can help them out.
  • #wisdomwednesday – Share an inspirational quote, statistic, or fact. This doesn’t necessarily have to tie back to your industry.
  • #woofwednesday – Like #meowmonday, you can use this opportunity to share dog photos and offer something your audience can simply enjoy.
  • #healthyhumpday –  Choose between this and #wellnesswednesday for a highlight on how to stay fit. Healthcare industries in particular can take advantage of this useful hashtag.

Thursday Hashtags

  • #throwbackthursday, also #tbt – With an estimated hashtag exposure of 364,000 views per hour, this is probably the biggest one on the list. #Tbt is a chance to show days gone by. Show something retro from your industry, your company in years past, when your team traveled to a conference a few years ago, or something along those lines.
  • #thankfulthursday – This is an opportunity to show gratitude for anything, from many successful years in business, to award that you’ve received, to great association or features. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch.
  • #thursdate – This doesn’t have to be a literal date, but it can show business meetings, luncheon, and similar things.

Friday Hashtags

  • #flashbackfriday, also known as #fbf – Much like #tbt and #wbw, #flashbackfriday allows you to feature the past, often with a comparison of the present. Be creative and share your company’s growth, past events, or older versions of the products that you offer. For instance, jewelry companies could feature a necklace style that was popular in the 1920’s.
  • #followfriday or #featurefriday – Use this hashtag to spotlight a particular user on a social media platform. It’s a great chance to boost your relationships, and maybe someone will feature you in return in the future!
  • #fridayfunday – Like #mondayfunday, #fundayfriday is a great time to share the lighter side of your company. Everyone is gearing up for the weekend, so you can set the tone by sharing some fun posts.
  • #fridaynight – Don’t go overboard with this one, but you can highlight your team having a bit of fun in preparation for the weekend.
  • #fridayreads – Feature a blog post, article, or a book about topics in your industry. You can even tag one of your own posts for higher exposure, but be sure not to just focus on promoting your own content.

Saturday Hashtags

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Even if you’re not in the office on the weekends, you can still schedule posts to be published on Saturdays and Sundays. Many users spend even more time on social media over the weekends, so don’t miss this opportunity!

  • #caturday  – Jus tlike #meowmonday, this is a chance to connect with your audience through adorable cat photos.
  • #saturdayswag – This hashtag is perfect for contests that you’re holding to give away items, to highlight products that you have for sale, or show your team in their apparel that promotes your brand, such as company T-shirts.
  • #saturdaynight – Like #fridaynight, you can show your employees outside of the audience, but be aware of the line between “relaxed” and “unprofessional”.

Sunday Hashtags

  • #selfiesunday – The most widely used hashtag for Sundays is the selfie spotlight. You can simply show your team together, or use this as a chance to show off your brand apparel. If your industry happens to involve jewelry, makeup, or other products that enhance the appearance, this is the perfect tag for you.

Moving forward to market your brand on Instagram

The most important key to navigating social media is to remember that you’re building a relationship with your audience, not just selling your brand. As they come to trust you and recognize your name, conversions and awareness will naturally follow. Using these weekly hashtags can be a valuable tool in accomplishing this with just a little knowledge of how to wield them to your benefit. To learn even more daily hashtags that are available, view our blog on Hashtags for Days of the Week. Let us know how you’ve used hashtags for your business in the comments below!