4 Hashtag Tools You Can’t Live Without

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#hashtags are important in digital marketing

Did you know you can drastically expand your reach with hashtags? You can use up to 30 #hashtags on Instagram, and strategically, you can use one to two on Twitter (your engagement drops if you use more than that). Communities are now built around hashtags; they’re no longer just a fun way to explore something new–they’re so much more than that. You can utilize their power on virtually any social network to boost engagement and reach. And businesses can harness their power. You can change the game by using the right hashtags, so I’ve put together a short list of my favorite hashtag tools for you to use to become a hashtag ninja.

1. Display Purposes

This tool slays the Instagram game. I don’t know how I survived the Instagram scene before it, and I don’t ever want to live without it. If you’re trying to boost reach on the ‘Gram, it’s essential for you to view your hashtags as moving parts of a finely-tuned machine. They’re all different, but they work together to get the job done.

Display Purposes is an innovative tool with the potential to help you reach WAY more people than you are right now–who doesn’t want that? Let’s say you’re a personal trainer and you’ve just started your own business. You’re trying to reach more clients, you have bomb photos, and you need to reach more people in your community. You’ve seen the #fitstagram hashtag, but which related hashtags should you choose?

Enter Display Purposes. It helps you identify related hashtags. All you have to do is type in the hashtag you know you want to use, i.e. fitstagram, and it populates similar hashtags for you. How incredible is that? Watch me try out this fun tool below:



2. RiteTag

Have you ever really wanted to use a #hashtag but think maybe you should use the plural version (#hashtags)? RiteTag has your back. This tool is useful in giving you immediate feedback on your hashtag choices. It color-codes hashtags, letting you know the hashtag strengths, and it’s available “wherever you do social”–sweet! You can use it on all of your social media accounts.

This tool will also alert you when new hashtags emerge for your topic, and it allows you to group hashtags into “Tag Sets” for the ease of comparability. What’s even cooler? I’m using this right now and it’s analyzing hashtags as I type. It’s available as an extension on your Chrome browser, in case you’re interested.

RiteTag is an incredibly robust hashtag tool.

This tool is fantastic for making sure you use well-chosen hashtags, and it offers optimum visual organization of the hashtags–great for a quick look at what’s trending and how you can optimize your content with hashtags.

3. Hashtagify.me

Hashtagify.me consistently tops the lists of hashtag tools media figures used, thanks in part to the robust data set you have at your fingertips. You can analyze your hashtags through a variety of different data, but one of the most popular features remains their related hashtags and popularity tools.

As for me, I’m a big fan of using “Top Influencers.” This is an incredible tool when you’re trying to find influencers within your industry to follow and interact with, or even simply for some great inspiration.

I’m a pretty visual person, so the Hashtag Wall feature on Hashtagify.me really appeals to my eyeballs. And my soul–especially since they have the default tag set to “travel” (#wanderlust).

Overall, this is a really popular tool to use, and it’s comprehensive enough to suit almost any of your hashtag needs. Use it next time you want to do some research for your content strategy calendar.

4. Tagboard

Remember how I said I was a really visual person? Tagboard gets me. They are like a Pinterest board for hashtags, and I can’t get enough.

Quick tip: Searching “travel” on Tagboard will induce extreme feelings of sadness if you’re sitting in your office and not at the beach. I’m currently looking at a photo of a woman and a dolphin engaged in some sort of intensive Samba routine… I’m serious:

I told you. This board is incredible for those who are visual and want to see exactly what kind of images to expect from each hashtag. This is also a great way to scope out your competition. If you’re wanting to use your grainy, low-lit photo of your company at a corporate retreat with the hashtag #travel, you could check this out and decide not to. Why? Because these are professional-grade photos and yours won’t get much traction (if any) at all.

So, there you have it–these are the four hashtag tools in my social media arsenal that should be in yours, too. Happy hashtagging!