Mobile SEO and Google Ranking Penalties

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Mobile SEO and Google Ranking Placement

Earlier this summer, Google announced that it would begin adjusting search engine rankings appearing on smartphones based on how well the site in question handled the mobile user experience. Following their typical vague ambiguity, Google didn’t announce exactly when those changes would begin taking place, instead simply stating that they planed “to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.” Errors such as faulty redirects, unplayable videos, and smartphone-only 404 pages are among the many factors Google is implementing into its new algorithm designed specifically to mobile SEO. Continue reading “Mobile SEO and Google Ranking Penalties”

10 Tips to Build SEO

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It’s not always easy to know the best practices for improving your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. While some SEO can be very technical, there are many basic SEO practices that can offer dramatic improvements to your overall ranking on search engines. We have compiled the following 10 tips to build SEO to share with you and help grow your online presence. Continue reading “10 Tips to Build SEO”

Keywords – Friend or Foe

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Keyword stuffing refers to the practice of loading a webpage with a keyword or keyword phrase as many times as possible in order to manipulate the site’s ranking on various search engines. Keyword stuffing can be quite obvious to both visitors of a website and the search engine itself, as many times the keywords are plugged into the content in a seemingly arbitrary way that they appear out of context. Doing this is a jarring experience for many visiting your site and will result in them leaving your site faster than usual, which will in turn negatively affect your sales and giving you a higher bounce rate which will harm your site’s SEO ranking. Additionally, the search engine will recognize your keyword stuffing as spam which will increase the negative rankings of your site’s SEO. Continue reading “Keywords – Friend or Foe”

Increase Customers Today – Google Semantic Search

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Start gaining more customers today by implementing content that aligns with Google’s Semantic Search!upward

The Google Semantic Search algorithm was created as a way to seek an improvement for search accuracy by understanding the intent and contextual meaning of terms as they appear when searched for in Google’s search engine. Because Semantic Search is one of the most intellectual aspects of their SEO and search engine results page (SERP) rankings, it has become an essential detail to be implemented by businesses to boost their online presence and overall SEO and SERP ranking. Continue reading “Increase Customers Today – Google Semantic Search”

House Cleaning Content to Improve your SEO

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As stated in an earlier Marketing Mixer newsletter, when approaching the updates of Google Panda and Penguin, your content is always king. Because your content is so important, and Google’s Content is King Googlealgorithms for SEO rankings are changing so regularly, it is imperative to keep your content fresh and clean for each new Panda implementation. Google is continuously improving their search techniques  to satisfy the millions of users that survive on their service every day almost as fast as they roll out each new Panda update. However, even though Google is no longer announcing exact dates of when they are implementing new Panda updates, there are a few ways to make sure you keep your content up to Google’s standards.

Continue reading “House Cleaning Content to Improve your SEO”

AddThis vs. ShareThis

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AddThis vs. ShareThis has been a popular debate for the last couple of years when it deciding what plug-in to go with in regards to the ease of sharing content. Many business owners, web developers, SEO-experts, and content managers have discussed and argued over which program triumphs over the other, and it seems that by summer of 2012, it had been decided: AddThis is the superior content sharing plug-in. To date, AddThis is still considered the better plug-in, as evidenced through Google Trending Analytics: Continue reading “AddThis vs. ShareThis”