Moving Your Website 4ward: The Importance of Updating

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Websites need to be updated every 4 years to keep up with technology

When a visitor clicks on your website, you have one chance to make an impression on your potential customer. Your website is a reflection of your business, and an outdated website conveys that your services and products are also outdated. That’s why it’s so important for your website to present your best face to your customers. If your website leaves a visitor feeling like they’re back in 2005, you’ve got a good chance of ruining the potential for a sale. An obsolete website conveys to your visitors that your business’s practices are also outdated and ineffective, driving them to competitors who are caught up with the times.

Four years on the internet is similar to a few decades in the outside world, as technology accelerates rapidly in every field. Consider how much phone technology has advanced every year.

This is the LG Lotus Elite:

LG Lotus Elite

The LG Lotus Elite was a top quality phone just a few short years ago.


This was considered a modern and fairly impressive phone in 2010. Only five short years have turned this phone into a completely obsolete piece of technology, and websites are much the same.

As internet and technology advances at blinding speeds, the capabilities and expectations of websites keep evolving accordingly. To keep your website caught up with the times and retain a modern design, you should give it a complete remodel every 4 years at the longest.

The user experience continues to define how effective a website is, and the expectations behind this experience change rapidly with technology. For instance, websites from 4 years ago were likely to feature flashy animations and intricate visuals meant to impress visitors with their complexity. In today’s rush for immediately accessible information, users prefer a quick and simple approach to the information that they’re looking for. The capabilities of browsers have also allowed designers to implement more advanced features. Videos have become commonplace, as their development and use has become increasingly simple and affordable. Pairing this use of video with websites that are easy to navigate and clean looking is the goal of many modern web developers.

Mobile technology is a great example of how much internet browsing can change in a few short years. The number of customers using their mobile phones or tablets to visit a website has massively increased each year and continues to rise. This trend has called for the development of websites that are mobile responsive, and soon Google will begin penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly for visitors. Falling behind on this development carries the potential for businesses to see real losses, while those on top of this change can take advantage of any competitor’s hesitation to keep up with technology.

There are many reasons why the advances of four years can have a huge impact on a website, including:

  • Aesthetics – Everything from preferred colors to layouts can change within a few years, dramatically affecting what is considered a “modern” look. Even for websites that prefer a more rustic appeal or a personalized touch, your website can still convey its own style while appearing up-to-date with a refresher on its design every few years.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization strategies can change rapidly based on updated released from Google and new discoveries in the industry. Many of the best SEO practices of the day must be implemented across the site, and updating your website every 4 years can ensure that you keep up with the major changes in the field.
  • Software – The standards and possibilities with the website development industry are constantly changing to keep up with new technological advances, from browser capabilities to internet speeds. A refresher for your website will keep it running under optimal conditions and implement any needed updates.

As an example of how much a website can benefit from a re-design, take a look at some of our client’s former and current websites:


Casa Calderoni's outdated website

Casa Calderoni’s outdated website


Casa Calderoni's Updated Website

Casa Calderoni’s Updated Website


Gulf Coast Window's Outdated Website

Gulf Coast Window’s Outdated Website


Gulf Coast Window's New Website Design

Gulf Coast Window’s New Website Design

Just like any other type of technology, your website must be updated regularly to stay ahead of the constant growth in the market. As your most important chance to connect with your potential customers, your website should be a top priority in maintaining a professional and competent image. To accomplish this and keep your website optimized in a number of beneficial fields, it will need a fresh face every four years.