Remarketing: Give your Site a Second Chance

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Remarketing target the right customers

remarketing - google

Remarketing is an extremely helpful and beneficial feature that allows you to reach people who have previously viewed your site through the Google Display Network, and show them relevant ads across the web and when they search on Google. Remarketing allows you the advantage of reaching out to customers and clients who visited your website, but didn’t purchase anything. By tracking their activity when they visit your site, Google Display Network activates the remarketing ads to target those specific people and entice them back to your website.

Remarketing - Google Dynamic Remarketing

In the above illustration, after the customer has visited ABC Hardware, he is shown a number of ads by ABC Hardware to bring him back to the site for a purchase.

Tailor messages specific to each visitor

The term ‘remarketing’ comes from the idea that you have already drawn a customer to your website using marketing, though that didn’t end in a sale. Therefore, you are leading them back by ‘remarketing’, allowing them a second chance to purchase from you, while you are also afforded a second chance to sell to them. Because of this, you want to be as enticing and specific to their needs as possible. In order to do this, you can add a piece of code to each page that activates the remarketing campaign, but you can make each ad specific to the page that it’s assigned to.

For instance, with ABC Hardware, if the customer visits the home improvement section, and goes through the different hammers, ABC Hardware could have a piece of code attached to those pages that activates a remarketing campaign advertising their hammers, or a special sale or deal they have on hammers; doing this will attract the customer back to the site through sales tactics, or by announcing a sale that he or she may not have known about.

By tailoring messages specific to the different pages and aspects of your business located on your website, you can attract different people by creating ads specific to those different pages, which will, in theory, result more online sales for your company.

The Benefits of Second Chances

Through the act of the customer ‘getting away’ once without purchasing anything, depending on your specific campaign, you may benefit even more through remarketing than if they had bought from you initially. By advertising specials and sales in your remarketing campaign, the customer may be inclined to buy even more than they would have when they were ignorant of your promotions. Likewise, they will be inclined to visit your site more often to check if you are currently running any specials, and what they might be, which will result in more traffic for your website and boost your SEO ranking.

In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, remarketing also allows for extra publicity and advertisement for you. It continually shows up in the Google Display Network of everyone that’s ever been to your site, which allows you the opportunity to get your company’s name out, especially if you include a remarketing campaign in an email blast campaign.

Together, they help you get your name out and your remarketing out to people that may not have visited your website in a long time. This will help remind them of your name, and entice them to visit your site to scope out any new deals you may have implemented since the last time they visited.

Running a remarketing campaign is a highly recommended way to increase not only your company’s overall sales, but also your website’s traffic. By tailoring specific ads to different pages, you can make your campaign much more efficient, which in turn will see a boost from your numbers!