Keywords – Friend or Foe

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Keyword stuffing refers to the practice of loading a webpage with a keyword or keyword phrase as many times as possible in order to manipulate the site’s ranking on various search engines. Keyword stuffing can be quite obvious to both visitors of a website and the search engine itself, as many times the keywords are plugged into the content in a seemingly arbitrary way that they appear out of context. Doing this is a jarring experience for many visiting your site and will result in them leaving your site faster than usual, which will in turn negatively affect your sales and giving you a higher bounce rate which will harm your site’s SEO ranking. Additionally, the search engine will recognize your keyword stuffing as spam which will increase the negative rankings of your site’s SEO. Continue reading “Keywords – Friend or Foe”

Increase Customers Today – Google Semantic Search

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Start gaining more customers today by implementing content that aligns with Google’s Semantic Search!upward

The Google Semantic Search algorithm was created as a way to seek an improvement for search accuracy by understanding the intent and contextual meaning of terms as they appear when searched for in Google’s search engine. Because Semantic Search is one of the most intellectual aspects of their SEO and search engine results page (SERP) rankings, it has become an essential detail to be implemented by businesses to boost their online presence and overall SEO and SERP ranking. Continue reading “Increase Customers Today – Google Semantic Search”

House Cleaning Content to Improve your SEO

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As stated in an earlier Marketing Mixer newsletter, when approaching the updates of Google Panda and Penguin, your content is always king. Because your content is so important, and Google’s Content is King Googlealgorithms for SEO rankings are changing so regularly, it is imperative to keep your content fresh and clean for each new Panda implementation. Google is continuously improving their search techniques  to satisfy the millions of users that survive on their service every day almost as fast as they roll out each new Panda update. However, even though Google is no longer announcing exact dates of when they are implementing new Panda updates, there are a few ways to make sure you keep your content up to Google’s standards.

Continue reading “House Cleaning Content to Improve your SEO”

Email Marketing Tips for Success

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to deliver information about new products, new advancements, and build customer relations for any small business. What’s shocking is that many small business owners miss out on email marketing and instead pour their time and money into various other campaigns such as print brochures and paper calendars–who uses paper calendars anymore?! While it is a good tactic to always market through more than one medium, it is not wise to ignore email marketing strategies—this approach is one of the best ways to draw in attention about your company and one of the best parts about email marketing: it’s extremely inexpensive! Continue reading “Email Marketing Tips for Success”

AddThis vs. ShareThis

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AddThis vs. ShareThis has been a popular debate for the last couple of years when it deciding what plug-in to go with in regards to the ease of sharing content. Many business owners, web developers, SEO-experts, and content managers have discussed and argued over which program triumphs over the other, and it seems that by summer of 2012, it had been decided: AddThis is the superior content sharing plug-in. To date, AddThis is still considered the better plug-in, as evidenced through Google Trending Analytics: Continue reading “AddThis vs. ShareThis”

Infographics — Use or Lose

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The Importance of Infographics in Online Marketing:

Infographics have become one of the most popular ways to share information on the internet over the past few years, but many people are still unsure how to utilize them. In essence, infographics should combine expositional and informative text with related images, graphs, charts, and data. They should be a perfect blend of written information and visual information. Given the name, infographics should be exactly that—informative text and images, displayed together on a graphic. Below are two examples of simple infographics: Continue reading “Infographics — Use or Lose”

Why Update Your Website Content Regularly?

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Making sure you update your website regularly with fresh up-to-date content is important for better rankings and to keep your current rankings.  Why?  Because if you’re not and your competition is, their website will eventually out rank yours.

If you add content about your industry on a regular basis such as: new services, tips on what to look for and stay away from, diy info, real projects your business has completed, etc…  then people searching those topics will pull up your information which creates traffic to your website.  As your website creates more traffic, the search engines recognize that your website is becoming more “authoritative” with valuable content.  As this happens, the search engines tend to rank your website better and better over time. Continue reading “Why Update Your Website Content Regularly?”

Google Docs: Free and Efficient File Sharing

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Hyperlinks Media has been working to help ease the process of documentation sharing for your business, and we’ve found it in Google Docs! Google Docs is a free online, cloud-based documentation sharing office suite which contains everything from online spreadsheets and presentation programs, to word processors, form creators, and drawing applications, and now holds up to 5GB worth of storage capability for anyone with a Gmail, or Gmail-affiliated email address. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and allows multiple viewers to not only view documents simultaneously, but edit them together as well.  Plainly put: Google Docs is a quicker, easier to use, more secure and free version of Microsoft Office.

Instead of having to send email after email to different clients, co-workers, and employers, Google Docs allows you to share with a massive amount of people at once. This is helpful for many reasons, for example, if you forget to CC someone on an email, instead of having to send it again and have that email copied, you can instead just give them access to view the file on Google Docs. On that note, when you share a file on Google Docs, you don’t have to worry about the size of the attachment—a common and irritating problem in today’s workplace.

Google Docs

Likewise, having to constantly be checking and sending emails back and forth between clients just to make sure everyone is on the same page can be horribly frustrating and detrimentally Continue reading “Google Docs: Free and Efficient File Sharing”

Top 3 Content Marketing Tips for 2013

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Penguins, Pandas… SEO is really a jungle in 2013. Here’s the top 3 content marketing tips for 2013. Hint: Get social.

Content tip 1: Blogging with authority

Google’s algorithm is getting better at discerning what consumers want to read. Engaging blog content that gets people talking across social platforms is increasingly affecting SEO in 2013 as well as your blog posts’ rank. Today your blog needs to be stuffed specifically with content that your audience finds relevant and most importantly, helpful. Content that offers either a solution to a consumer problem or gives you an authoritative voice in your field can easily get your followers engaged, sharing and talking about your company on the wide spectrum of social media channels. Continue reading “Top 3 Content Marketing Tips for 2013”