Local Listings Point Customers Toward Your Business

From YellowPages to Google+, local directories are growing across the internet, and these can provide a real benefit to your business. When customers search for a service, Google prefers to display results that are nearby. For instance, a customer searching for “oil change” will see a few options of automotive centers that offer oil change services near their location. This makes it very important for your business to appear for services that you provide – so that your customers can find you.

In addition, providing consistent data across many different directories gives good signals to Google that your business has reliable information available. To ensure that your listing are consistent, be sure that your NAP, meaning your name, address, and phone number, match across your listings. This will also makes it easier for your potential customers to find you if they’re using a specific directory.

Some of the most popular directory sites include:

  • dmoz
  • Google+
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • YellowPages
  • superpages.com
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Insider Pages

For some industries, such as the legal field or medical industry, there may be specific directories available. Looking into these can provide even more beneficial listings and links to your website.

The slightest variations in your business’s name or address format can sometimes cause duplicate listings or conflicting information, so it’s important to carefully check your listings. There are dozens of free local listing directories and even more paid ones, so reviewing each of these can be a serious task. Even if you created each listing for your business by hand, some directories auto-generate listing, so you may find duplicates that you didn’t create.

If you should happen to move to a new address, change your phone number, or need to change the business’s name, the task of changing every listing can be overwhelming. Luckily there are a number of listing management tools available that can change all of your listings at one time, keeping everything consistent and saving you the stress of worrying about duplicate listings being generated during the process.

Plus, almost every local search listing will include a link to your website. Many will even allow you to add linked text within your description, which can be provide a great boost to your SEO rankings.