Google Docs: Free and Efficient File Sharing

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Google Docs Aid File Sharing

Hyperlinks Media has been working to help ease the process of documentation sharing for your business, and we’ve found it in Google Docs! Google Docs is a free online, cloud-based documentation sharing office suite which contains everything from online spreadsheets and presentation programs, to word processors, form creators, and drawing applications, and now holds up to 5GB worth of storage capability for anyone with a Gmail, or Gmail-affiliated email address. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and allows multiple viewers to not only view documents simultaneously, but edit them together as well.  Plainly put: Google Docs is a quicker, easier to use, more secure and free version of Microsoft Office.

Instead of having to send email after email to different clients, co-workers, and employers, Google Docs allows you to share with a massive amount of people at once. This is helpful for many reasons, for example, if you forget to CC someone on an email, instead of having to send it again and have that email copied, you can instead just give them access to view the file on Google Docs. On that note, when you share a file on Google Docs, you don’t have to worry about the size of the attachment—a common and irritating problem in today’s workplace.

Google Docs

Likewise, having to constantly be checking and sending emails back and forth between clients just to make sure everyone is on the same page can be horribly frustrating and detrimentally time-consuming. Another aggravating attribute to not applying Google Docs to your everyday work routine is having your email account flooded from clients and coworkers and being forced to sift through countless attachments, only to find they are riddled with errors and now have to be sent back again.

As stated earlier, once someone is added to a file on Google Docs, they can edit, comment and add notes instantly, allowing everyone with permission to view and chat without having to wait on emails, and creating a more efficient workflow for all involved. Just one more added bonus: Because of this security setting, Google Docs also makes it possible to block someone from viewing specific files.

For a quick and fun demonstration on the simplicity of Google Docs, check out this short clip!