Google Apps Training: How to Label Emails

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Labeling Emails

Labeling your emails is a great way to keep your received messages organized and easy-to-find. You can label emails with custom name, such as the name of a project or a topic. You can already search through your inbox for a sender or date, so there’s usually no need to create custom Labels for those. If you’d like to add your own custom labels, take a look at our previous video on How to Create Email Labels.

Once you start receiving your emails, you can begin moving, tagging, or labeling your emails with different options and the labels that you have created.

Label Emails

To mark an email that you have already read, but you would like to keep it marked as unread, you can select the More option down drop and select Mark as unread. This will then bold the email to show as unread. Through this drop down you may also select the different options, such as, marking the email as important/not important, adding to your task lists, creating a filter to only show certain messages and more.

Label Emails

To mark an email with a label that you have already created there are 2 different methods. If you would like to tag/label the email but have it stay in your inbox you will select the tag icon drop down and either create a new label you would like the email tagged under or select on that you have already created. This will keep the email in your inbox will the email will be tagged with a label. Once you are ready to remove the email from the inbox, you will simply click on the x to remove the Inbox label.

If you are done with an email and would like to remove it from your inbox into a label, you can select the folder icon and create a new label or choose one that you have already created.

For more detailed information on labels, view How to Label Emails Part 2.