Google Apps Training: How to Create Labels

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Google Apps Labels

Within Google Apps, there are little tricks that you can do to keep your emails organized and clean. One of the best ways to do this is to create Labels; these operate just like folders to sort out your emails.

You can customize your labels by name, color, or even to only show when there is an unread message. There are a couple of different ways to create a new label, but the best way to see all under the Labels tab. You will want to select the Settings icon (which looks like a gear) in the top right corner and then select Settings. Select the 2nd tab, Labels, here you will see all the pre-generated labels that Google has already created for you, like Inbox, Drafts, Spam and Trash. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the Create new label option. Select this option and then type the name of the label you are creating, then select Create.

If you would like to get even more organized, you can have sub labels that will be nested under a primary label. To do this you will repeat the steps listed above. Once you have typed the name of the label you are creating, then you will want to check the box Nest label under. Then select the primary label you would like the new label to be nested under and then select create.

Example of a Nested Label:

  • Clients  (primary label)
    • Client A   (nested label)
    • Client B   (nested label)
    • Client C   (nested label)

To edit a Label you can do this from the labels that are on the left of your screen, directly under the Compose option. Once you hover over the label that you would like to edit, there will be a gray arrow. This will provide you with the different options to change the Label color, to show only if there are unread messages, edit the name and more.

Now that you know how to create your own labels, let’s take a look at How to Label Emails.