Google Apps Training: How to Add Preview Pane

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Preview Pane

There are 3 different views that you can choose from when you are personalizing your email account within Google Apps. To change the different view styles you can add a Lab called Preview Pane. This option will allow you to view the contents of an email without opening it up. This keeps you from having to return to your list of emails after opening each one, and can make it much easier to quickly read or label your emails.

To enable the Preview Pane options you will need to click on the Settings, gear icon, and select settings. You will select the last tab: Labs. You can go through the list and enable any features you would like to experiment with. We recommend exploring the Preview Pane, Canned Responses, and Unread Message Icon, just to name a few.

Preview Pane Options

Once you have enabled the Preview Pane you will be redirected back to your email inbox. Next to your Settings (gear icon) there will be a new option with 4 lines and an arrow pointing down. When you select the drop down you will be provided 3 options: No Split, Vertical Split, and Horizontal Split. You can select the different options to see which view will work best for you. No Split is the default view, while the vertical split is the view you see in the video with your emails listed to the left and the selected email to the right. The Horizontal Split will have your mail box listed at the top and the selected email listed below.