Google Apps Training: How to Label Emails

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Labeling your emails is a great way to keep your received messages organized and easy-to-find. You can label emails with custom name, such as the name of a project or a topic. You can already search through your inbox for a sender or date, so there’s usually no need to create custom Labels for those. If you’d like to add your own custom labels, take a look at our previous video on How to Create Email Labels. Continue reading “Google Apps Training: How to Label Emails”

Google Apps Training: How to Write an Email

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When it comes to your new Google Apps account, you may be feeling overwhelmed if you’ve never used Google beyond its search capabilities. Don’t stress, it’s easier than you think. To get started on organizing your emails, check out our previous video on Creating Email Labels. Once you get a handle on your new email format, you’ll be able to send and receive emails with ease, keeping everything organized and easy-to-find. Let’s start out with how to write an email. Continue reading “Google Apps Training: How to Write an Email”

Google Apps Training: How to Add Preview Pane

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There are 3 different views that you can choose from when you are personalizing your email account within Google Apps. To change the different view styles you can add a Lab called Preview Pane. This option will allow you to view the contents of an email without opening it up. This keeps you from having to return to your list of emails after opening each one, and can make it much easier to quickly read or label your emails. Continue reading “Google Apps Training: How to Add Preview Pane”

Google Apps Training: How to Add a Signature and Photo

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When it comes to your email, it’s important to have certain business information available at all times. Adding a signature to your emails is a great way to provide some of your most important contact information, such as your email address, phone number or address or even your photo. It also add a professional touch to each email and ensures a uniform appearance without having to type in this information with every email. Continue reading “Google Apps Training: How to Add a Signature and Photo”

Google Docs: Free and Efficient File Sharing

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Hyperlinks Media has been working to help ease the process of documentation sharing for your business, and we’ve found it in Google Docs! Google Docs is a free online, cloud-based documentation sharing office suite which contains everything from online spreadsheets and presentation programs, to word processors, form creators, and drawing applications, and now holds up to 5GB worth of storage capability for anyone with a Gmail, or Gmail-affiliated email address. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and allows multiple viewers to not only view documents simultaneously, but edit them together as well.  Plainly put: Google Docs is a quicker, easier to use, more secure and free version of Microsoft Office.

Instead of having to send email after email to different clients, co-workers, and employers, Google Docs allows you to share with a massive amount of people at once. This is helpful for many reasons, for example, if you forget to CC someone on an email, instead of having to send it again and have that email copied, you can instead just give them access to view the file on Google Docs. On that note, when you share a file on Google Docs, you don’t have to worry about the size of the attachment—a common and irritating problem in today’s workplace.

Google Docs

Likewise, having to constantly be checking and sending emails back and forth between clients just to make sure everyone is on the same page can be horribly frustrating and detrimentally Continue reading “Google Docs: Free and Efficient File Sharing”