5 Companies that Show Us How Email Marketing Campaigns are Done Right

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Why These Guys Get Astounding Open Rates and You Don’t.

You open your email inbox to be met with a flood of pitches and campaigns. So what causes you to click on one? Furthermore, what causes you to actually read an email newsletter? There’s a special sauce to these distinguished emails that make them stand out among the sea of worthless newsletters. Continue reading “5 Companies that Show Us How Email Marketing Campaigns are Done Right”

What is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is one of the longest enduring internet marketing campaign methods, and there’s a reason that it’s stuck around for so long. Using emails to reach clients provides a unique way to directly reach past, current, and prospective clients with various ways to connect with a business. Combine this with a very low cost and great conversion rate and email marketing campaigns offer a great marketing opportunity. Continue reading “What is Email Marketing?”

Email Marketing Tips for Success

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to deliver information about new products, new advancements, and build customer relations for any small business. What’s shocking is that many small business owners miss out on email marketing and instead pour their time and money into various other campaigns such as print brochures and paper calendars–who uses paper calendars anymore?! While it is a good tactic to always market through more than one medium, it is not wise to ignore email marketing strategies—this approach is one of the best ways to draw in attention about your company and one of the best parts about email marketing: it’s extremely inexpensive! Continue reading “Email Marketing Tips for Success”