Turn Bad Online Reviews into Good Publicity

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Receiving a negative online review isn’t the end of the world. Every business endures negative reviews, and even though your first instinct may be to remove them altogether, getting rid of negative reviews isn’t actually possible. If it were, everyone would remove them which would result in the entire review system failing for consumers–the only exceptions are reviews that contain profanities, hate speech, sexual harassment, or personal attacks and threats. While it isn’t possible to please everyone all of the time, it is possible to turn bad online reviews into good publicity. In fact, there are many benefits to gain from negative reviews, as well as many ways to use them in your favor. Some positive things about bad reviews are:

Gives your business more credibility

Have you ever come across a business that had 100 positive reviews and 0 negatives? Whenever this happens, the searcher’s cynicism immediately sets in. How is it possible for a business to not have at least one or two negative criticisms? Even if you have a great record, and you consider your products and services to be amazing, there will always be at least one person who is unhappy and will speak up about it. Having a couple negative reviews sprinkled in with the positive reviews shows searchers that the reviews on your site are accurate, honest, and credible.

Turn negative criticism into great customer service

Responding to negative reviews can show your customers that you care. By responding in a professional and quick manner, it proves that you have taken time out of your day to address a concern or complaint from a customer. By apologizing and guaranteeing that the problem will be addressed, the disgruntled customer will feel appreciated and taken care of, and those potential customers searching through your reviews will look at your response as great customer service!

Negative Reviews can earn repeat business

Actually taking the time to acknowledge and respond to an unsatisfied customer can give them incentive to return to your business. By offering them a discounted service and ensuring them that their concerns will be taken seriously, you will give yourself a chance to “wow” them. In the  cases that you come to an agreement and do make adjustments to address their concerns, they will be inclined to continue to use your business, and even make a positive follow-up to their original negative review.

Negative reviews can provide honest insight

One of the biggest ways that negative reviews can become beneficial is through providing you with honest and truthful feedback about your business. While it is possible that you may get a review that is harsh and not constructive at all, for the most part these negative reviews exist to point out legitimate problems. By reading through negative reviews, you can focus on what aspects of your company are being criticized, and then work to change those things and better your business. The insight that these reviews afford your business will work in your favor if you decide to take them to heart and apply changes to your company for the better. In the long-run, many of these changes will greatly help your customers’ overall experience with your brand.

So when you check your online reviews and notice that a few disgruntled and dissatisfied customers have left a negative review of your business, don’t panic. Instead use this opportunity to turn the bad online reviews into good publicity, and a way to improve your company along the way!