Why Do I Keep Seeing Ads from the Websites I Visit?

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You visited one page on the internet one time and all of a sudden, you’re seeing ads for it on every other website you visit.

Sometimes these ads are for the exact product or service you were looking at, and that exact ad is plastered on multiple websites you visit.

These ads are actually a form of digital marketing called “remarketing”. Remarketing is the perfect marketing tool to use if you want to keep your business relevant in the eyes of prospects who engaged with your website but didn’t convert.

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Using Autoresponders to Capture Sales for Your E-Commerce Website

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It’s no secret that closing a sale can be difficult for e-commerce websites, and retaining customers who have idled away from the site can be a frustrating experience. By setting up a few automatic emails to be sent to customers who don’t complete a sale, you can capture the potential for a massive increase in sales with minimal effort. Continue reading “Using Autoresponders to Capture Sales for Your E-Commerce Website”

What is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is one of the longest enduring internet marketing campaign methods, and there’s a reason that it’s stuck around for so long. Using emails to reach clients provides a unique way to directly reach past, current, and prospective clients with various ways to connect with a business. Combine this with a very low cost and great conversion rate and email marketing campaigns offer a great marketing opportunity. Continue reading “What is Email Marketing?”

SEO vs PPC: Determining Which is Right for Your Website

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When it comes to boosting traffic and sales on your website, the two major options are search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. While both of these options have pros and cons, at some point every business will ask “Which will benefit me more?” In order to answer this question, we first have to understand what SEO and PPC are. Continue reading “SEO vs PPC: Determining Which is Right for Your Website”

Email Marketing Tips for Success

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to deliver information about new products, new advancements, and build customer relations for any small business. What’s shocking is that many small business owners miss out on email marketing and instead pour their time and money into various other campaigns such as print brochures and paper calendars–who uses paper calendars anymore?! While it is a good tactic to always market through more than one medium, it is not wise to ignore email marketing strategies—this approach is one of the best ways to draw in attention about your company and one of the best parts about email marketing: it’s extremely inexpensive! Continue reading “Email Marketing Tips for Success”