Making sure you update your website regularly with fresh up-to-date content is important for better rankings and to keep your current rankings.  Why?  Because if you’re not and your competition is, their website will eventually out rank yours.

If you add content about your industry on a regular basis such as: new services, tips on what to look for and stay away from, diy info, real projects your business has completed, etc…  then people searching those topics will pull up your information which creates traffic to your website.  As your website creates more traffic, the search engines recognize that your website is becoming more “authoritative” with valuable content.  As this happens, the search engines tend to rank your website better and better over time.

It’s simple when you think about it.  Would you pick up a book in the library about building a room addition to your house that is 10 years old when right next to it there is a brand new book with all the new modern ways of building?  Of coarse not.  So the new modern book gets more people that check that one out (more hits and moving up in rankings) and eventually the library places the old book in the back (less hits and falling in rankings).

Don’t always use content to “sell” your products or services.  Provide meaningful content that people are looking for such as diy’s, quick tips, educational content, examples, etc.   Our “Business Learning Center” is a perfect example of that.  Our Business Learning Center provides educational information to everyone.  On our last blog post, we wrote about “What are Hashtags and How Do We Use Them“.  We received over 30,000 impressions and over 4,000 hits to the article!  Did the article help us sell a service?  Probably not… but it did help us! That amount of traffic makes our website “authoritative” in the eyes of the search engines and tremendously helps our rankings!   This is the real key to producing rankings that last long term.

Bottom line… create quality content on a regular basis that is up-to-date and helpful to others.  In-turn, it will be helpful to you.