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With the introduction of voice assistants like Alex, Google Now and Siri, we marketers must optimize for voice search.

How to Optimize for Voice Search

A secure socket layer (SSL) certificate is a form of security for sites that collect private information for new leads and existing customers. It allows for a secure connection between the company’s server and the consumer’s device. An easy way to spot a secure site is if its URL begins with https, instead of http, […]

Why Having a Website Isn’t Good Enough

It’s not enough to have an incredible website if no one is able to find it. Learn how to use a variety of tactics to market your site to draw in traffic and create value for your audience and customers.

Professional SEO experts can help get your site ranked, which increases conversions for your business.

SEO is Far from Simple

SEO is widely speculated on, but rarely understood. We offer you three aspects to consider when deciding if you should hire an SEO professional.